Our mission

i -TT Consulting helps companies that wish to optimize their Tracking & Tracing capabilities. Automatic Identification technologies combined with IT systems and Internet Of Things technologies are often needed to enable this. Business processes and supporting technologies need to be aligned. Many choices need to be made on many area’s – where to start, what solution to take, what vendor to select, IT aspects etc. etc. – at the risk of distracting your attention from your core business.

We take the burden off your shoulders. By helping making your demand clear, helping making the right choices and keeping an eye on the solution realization i -TT Consulting provides a safeguard for quality implementation the fastest ROI and the lowest TCO.

We bring in a proven track record of 25+ years of international experience and state of the art knowledge to your benefit.

We know the market. We deliver services, no products. Our advice is independent!

…. i -TT Consulting, safeguarding the right choices and quality implementation….